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Delivery Services Title

Bio-Diesel Truck

Schönheit Gardens offers a wide range of delivery
options for our customers and clients.  We take pride
in offering delivery with our environmentally friendly,
bio-diesel run dump trucks.  Delivery charge varies
depending on delivery location and amount.




Double-Shredded Leaf Mulch

Leaf mulch is a great addition to any garden!  This green product is produced from area leaves collected in the fall.  Not only does leaf mulch nourish the soil, keep the weeds down, and reduce the amount of water needed, but it also looks gorgeous.  Olbrich Botanical Gardens uses this style of mulch in many of their gardens, so you know it must be good!  Available in bags or bulk.

Double-Shredded Bark Mulch

Double-shredded bark mulch is not to be confused with the lesser quality single shredded bark mulch or wood chips.  This high quality, attractive mulch is a great option for keeping the weeds down in areas planted with trees and shrubs as well as tree rings and walking paths.  Available in bags or bulk.


Schönheit Gardens Secret Garden Compost

This special blend of locally sourced organic materials enriches and enlivens the soil.  Add to all your planting of annuals, perennials, trees, shrubs, and vegetables for optimum performance.  Available in buckets or bulk.

Topsoil & Soil Blends

Schönheit Gardens Ultimate Soil Blend

This is our own special blend consisting of soil, compost, peat, and other wonderful additions.  This light, fluffy mixture is made for nutrient retention, water holding capacity, and superior performance.  It is ideal for raised beds, vegetable gardens, perennial beds, etc.

50:50 Topsoil Blend

This blend is used for increasing nutrients and organic material in area that need grade adjustments or leveling.  This is great for berms and perennial/shrub bed foundations.  This blend is heavier than the Ultimate Soil blend, but is still packed with nutrients.


Our topsoil is best suited for filling in holes in the yard, building berms, adjusting grades, etc.

Trees, Shrubs, & Perennials

Free delivery in the Madison area of containerized plant purchases of $400 or more

If you are interested in delivery for other nursery products, talk to a friendly nursery staff member today.