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Photo of the Month

Photo of the Month

Graceful grasses always harken the beginning of fall.

Photo of the Month Archives

Red Swish

Do you take beautiful photographs and want to see your talent featured?

Enter our photo contest- it’s easy!

This year, Schönheit Gardens will have a Monthly Photo Contest from April to October.
The winner will be awarded a $30 Gift Certificate to the Nursery and fame for a month!

Here’s how it works:

1. Submit your photo by emailing erinc@schonheitgardens.com by the 20th of the month.
AAAAa. Submit by the 20th of March for April Photo of the Month, 20th of April for the May Photo of the Month, etc.
AAAAb. Photos submitted after the 20th will be considered for the following round.

2. When you submit a photo, please include the following information:
AAAAa. Your name
AAAAb. Email
AAAAc. Mailing Address
AAAAd. Digital photo (jpeg format preferred)
AAAAe. Short description of the photo

3. When the winner is decided, the photo will be featured on the Schönheit Gardens website, announced on our Facebook page, and the winner will be awarded
aaa $30 gift certificate to be used at the Schönheit Gardens Nursery!

4. By submitting a photo, you are agreeing that the photo is original work and yours to share. You are also agreeing to allow Schönheit Gardens to use the
aaimage on their website for the Photo of the Month, on our Facebook page, and in future promotional material.

We are excited to see what beautiful photos you all have to share!


to Thomas C.

for winning

the September

Photo Contest!