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Green Initiatives

At Schönheit Gardens, we are dedicated to providing earth friendly services to our customers and taking a
green approach to our business. We have implemented many green initiatives within our business to promote
a healthy environment and lessen our ecological foot print.

Leaf Mulch

This municipal waste product is recycled and shredded by Schönheit Gardens to become a valuable addition
to any garden or landscape. Leaf mulch is available at the nursery from April through October in recyclable,
reusable bags (we’ll even give you a one dollar merchandise credit for returning each bag!). Delivery of bulk
loads is also available with our bio-diesel run dump trucks. See our “Grow Great Plants with Schönheit
Gardens’ Shredded Leaf Mulch!” article in the Resources section for more information about this great product.

Geothermal heating/cooling

In striving to make Schönheit Gardens more environmentally friendly, Peter and Heidi have installed two geothermal heating and cooling systems on their properties. This method of climate control utilizes pipes that are laid in the ground, or in water, approximately 8 feet deep to pull ground heat energy out and compress it in order to heat and cool year round without using any fuels. Cardinal Heating and Cooling in Sun Prairie, also one of our Green Partners, installed both systems for us.

Nursery Container Recycling Program

Our retail and wholesale nursery and garden center in Sun Prairie accepts nursery containers for recycling from any nursery. Trays and nursery containers are brought to a recycling company where they are made into new nursery containers, plastic decking materials, fence posts, etc. We accept these containers and trays April through October from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Mowing with Bio-Diesel run mowers

We offer a mowing service using our bio-diesel run mowing equipment. This service saves you the trouble of mowing the lawn yourself and gives you peace of mind knowing you are supporting a green practice. Please visit our Green Partners page to see area businesses that use our green products and services. Consider these forward-thinking companies for your needs!

Future Green Projects

Heidi and Peter and the Schönheit Gardens Team are looking into installing a windmill on the nursery property for the 2013 or 2014 season. This windmill should supply all power needed to run greenhouses, offices and outbuildings electrical. During the off season, enough electricity should be produced to feed back into the grid too!