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Employee of the Month


The “Employee of the Month” is a team member nominated
by his or her peers for excelling in his or her work. This
individual shows a commitment to quality, team work,
and passion for their job. Team members are selected
from April to October. Congratulations!




Congratulations to Ann L.
September Employee of the Month!

This month, Ann earns the title “Team Member of the Month” because of her positive attitude, flexibility, great work ethic, and overall great personality.

Ann approaches all of her work with a wonderful, “can do” attitude. She doesn’t complain – even if the job isn’t going to be fun. She understands and works well both when you really need to put your nose to the grindstone and when things can be a bit more relaxed. She also works equally well on her own or as part
of a team. Ann just “gets it”!

Ann is equally helpful and enjoyable to have in the nursery and out landscaping. She happily bounces between the two (even on the same day!) and doesn’t bat an eye when we need some last minute help.

She is a quick study, but doesn’t hesitate to ask questions if she isn’t sure about something. We can always trust that a job will be done well (and look amazing!) if Ann is on it.

Last, but certainly not least, Ann is simply a joy to be around. Her laid back, fun personality is always welcome. Whether working on a big project, weeding a garden, or chatting over lunch, conversation with
Ann is always fun.