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Employee of the Month


The “Employee of the Month” is a team member nominated by his or her peers for excelling in his or her work. This individual shows a commitment to quality, team work, and passion for their job. Team members are selected from April to October. Congratulations!



Congratulations to Mary for being
the October Garden Warrior!

Schonheit Gardens would not be running as smoothly it does without the help of Mary. Actually, would it be running at all?  Mary is super helpful in the office.  She wears many hats and does a fantastic job of keeping things organized.  She's kind of like our "woman behind the curtain" who keeps things in order and makes sure details are tended to.  If you need something in the office, Mary’s the one to ask.

Mary is awesome at customer service, dealing with difficult phone calls, and directing people to the right place.  We get all kinds of phone calls (for landscaping, deliveries, AND nursery questions) and she's got an excellent expertise in knowing exactly where to find the answer.  She's extremely pleasant with customers and clients who call and have questions and always puts people at ease. 

Most people probably don’t know that Mary has a superpower. She has the amazing ability to read all our scribbled timesheets at the end of the day. And somehow, after all that frustration, she’s still so positive and joyful!

Mary has so much experience at Schonheit that she's a great resource for information.  It's comforting knowing that Mary is taking care of things in the office...she's all around great to have as a coworker! She may be behind-the-scenes,” but her efforts are definitely never forgotten.