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Employee of the Month


The “Employee of the Month” is a team member nominated
by his or her peers for excelling in his or her work. This
individual shows a commitment to quality, team work,
and passion for their job. Team members are selected
from April to October. Congratulations!




Congratulations to Joyce E.
November Employee of the Month!

Joyce is an excellent team member and a great crew leader.  She’s always been a great employee, but this season she’s really taken on a lot of new responsibilities and exceeded in all of them!  From leading small crews AND large crews, managing maintenance at large properties, doing annual and perennial design, and meeting with clients…she’s really grown in her role and we’re happy to see her do so well. 

Beyond that, Joyce is a reliable worker who is always on time or early in the morning and stays late to get the job done. You’ll never hear her complain about working late, working in the rain/snow, or otherwise unfavorable conditions.  She keeps calm and makes sure that what needs to be done is done. 

Joyce also does really quality work.  You can always trust Joyce to do any gardening task well…whether it be doing maintenance, clean ups, or an annual or perennial design.  She also makes sure the crews know how to do things so her projects always turn out well.  Joyce seems interested in continuing to learn and grow with her position.  She asks questions and shows an interest in learning more as a horticulturist. 

Both clients and team members enjoy working with Joyce.  This is because she is a good listener, she’s respectful, and she makes a point to communicate with clients.  On jobsites, she’ll make contact with the client during projects to make sure that things are going according to plan.  Then, she’ll make sure that the crew knows the client’s wishes.  This leads to happy clients and happy team members.  Joyce gets along with everyone and we all love her pleasant demeanor and calming personality.